Steel Fireplace Doors

Here is a fireplace door set and fire grate I designed and built for the Sea Breeze Lodge on Hornby Island, BC.

Doors are solid steel
Handles are stainless
Screens are stainless
Hinges are brass plain bearing
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Railing Modification

This boat had railings that were 29″ high and needed to be raised up to 42″. I extended the bottom of the stanchions, built new stanchion bases from 3/8″ thick stainless, and built side braces from 1/2″ stainless. The bow area was reworked, as was the aft end near the stairs.

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Stainless Steel Galley Counter Top

Location: Port Alberni, BC 2014
Design: Chester Cotter
Dimensions: 24″
Materials: Stainless Steel

Stainless galley one piece welded counter top features a welded in sink and 1″ tray edge. All corners and seams are sealed by welds to contain any liquids.

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Sliding Glass Door and Fire Grate

Location: Miracle Beach, BC -2013
Design: Chester Cotter
Dimensions: 51×29 sliding door
Materials: Steel (stainless & carbon), brass, glass, silicon

I was asked to design a door and log grate for this fireplace. Where the door is now was originally open and allowed smoke & sparks to escape. I wanted to avoid any hardware or rails on the hearth so it all had to be supported from above; so created an overhead cantilevered track.

Custom Sliding Glass Hearth Door and Solid Bar Grate Basket
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