Railing Modification

This boat had railings that were 29″ high and needed to be raised up to 42″. I extended the bottom of the stanchions, built new stanchion bases from 3/8″ thick stainless, and built side braces from 1/2″ stainless. The bow area was reworked, as was the aft end near the stairs.

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Stainless Steel Railing Posts and Glass

Location: Qualicum Beach, BC – 2012
Design: Chester Cotter
Dimensions: 2″ OD Railing.
Materials: Stainless Steel, Glass, Vinyl, Rubber.

All pieces including glass holders are hand made. The entire assembly is built in place as one piece with no seams. Posts are solid stainless bar and are bolted to massive steel sub frames connected to all 3 stair stringers to minimize flexing at the hand rail.

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